A downloadable cartridge for Windows

[ this is a game for the Lost Cartridge Game Jam ]
[the music might hurt your ears so turn it down if you feel uneasy, unless you want to feel uneasy, which it's supposed to do]

You play as a D.I.V.V. (Delivery Intelligent Virtual Vendor) Unit, set to pick up some groceries and some other tasks.

Tasks include:
- picking up groceries
- fishing
- cleaning

There are 3 endings, the good ending, the bad ending, and APE.

This game is made to emulate (sort of) SNES games to the best of my abilities in RPG Maker 2003, I hope you enjoy it!

This is made in RPG Maker 2003, if you would like to play it, please download the Run Time Package.

"if it's bad, it'll add to the immersion! any glitches or bugs will make it more authentic!"
- me, scared it's gonna be completely broken and not at all like an SNES game


D.I.V.V. Dash [Jam Build] 16 MB


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this game is short and sweet. i like it. it cute.

btw how do you get the APE ending because i can't seem to find it?


i enjoy 3/5 stars

- john stamos out of prison