A downloadable horrible game

[this is a game for the i can't draw game jam]
[winner of the "best humor" category in the aforementioned game jam]

You are a small snowball from a snow village, you wander about into the forest ...and lo! A human child! It has a small note with it stating it's address and name, will you be able to bring it back home?

Just because you're cold doesn't mean you can't warm it's heart.

- Bad art (hopefully)
- snow cones?
- Friends (new and old)
- Funny talk aha

Arrow keys = move
Enter = interact
ESC = inventory

How to play:
Instead of HP, you have WP (Warmth Points).

The child will be safe since they have a blanket to keep warm, but you need to worry about keeping yourself (the snowball) from melting.

Tiles that are with a blue color scheme are cold tiles.
Tiles that are red/yellow are hot tiles, they hurt you.
Any other tiles won't do anything.

You can't die from tiles, but there are ######s to fight along the way, so you have to make sure you're keeping cold.

The goal is to keep both of you alive and get the boy to his parents.

This game is built in RPG Maker 2003, so you'll have to download the RTP (run time package), go to this website and download the one for 2003.

dev note:
I plan to get a working copy of the game done by at least Friday, so that it's ready for the jam.
After the jam I'll update it if there are any bugs and such.


Snow/Boy 12 MB

Development log


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Cute and cheerful little game.  Maybe you could expand it into something longer.

This sounds like a nice little concept. I'm looking forward to trying it.